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All-In-One Kids Website Builder

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Doodlekit is an online website maker that can be used as a website builder for kids. Children can use it to upload photos, make blog entries, create their own custom web pages, and much more!

Unlike most other kids website builders and makers, Doodlekit has an advanced security feature that will allow parents to monitor their children’s websites. Upgraded plans allow administrators (the parents) to ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ user forum registrations requests. This helps to insure that only trusted users can make comments in your children’s website forums. Parents can also make photo albums only visible to ‘approved’ registered users.

Doodlekit is a great kids website maker that allows children to explore building a website while providing parents some peace of mind.

Kids Website Maker Features

  • Domain Management Tools
  • User Registration / Membership
  • Built In Stock Photo/Image Repository
  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS Layouts
  • Website Statistics Tracking
  • Built In Advertising Tool
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Editor With Spell Checking
  • Kids Website Maker
  • No Coding Required
  • Online Content Management System
  • Domain Procurement
  • Blog
  • Online Photo Albums / Bulk Uploader
  • Forums
  • PayPal & Google Shopping Carts
  • Advanced CSS Override Editor
  • Online Website Builder
  • Advanced Website Design Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Domain Email Forwarding
  • File Uploader
  • HTML Widgets
  • Advanced Font Selections For Titles
  • International Language Settings
  • Free Website Builder For Non-Profits
  • Kids Website Builder

Kids Website Builder / Maker Usage Scenarios

Doodlekit is the best kids website builder on the market. Its powerful backend database provides your website with advanced tools that no other kids website maker can provide. Here are some example features that this kids website builder / kids website maker offers:

Photo Albums – Kids can upload photos of their family, friends, vacations, trips, etc. Photos can be categorized into multiple albums. Kids can also create descriptions for each photo and then ‘tag’ them with specific keywords. Clicking on a ‘tagged’ word pulls up all related images with that same tag.

Blog – Kids can get a jump start on learning how to blog! This kids website builder and maker comes with a blog tool built into it. A great way for children to improve their writing and communication skills. It also allows kids to keep in contact with each other.

Forum – Worried about security on your kids website? Don’t want strangers posting stuff on your child’s blog or viewing your family photos? This powerful kids website maker comes with Advanced Security settings on the website forums and photo albums pages. With these security tools, you can limit what user can register on your child’s website and make pictures only visible by those approved registered users.

What do you do when your child asks for her own website?

As a parent, the first question is whether your child is old enough, mature enough, or otherwise responsible enough to make a website. We will leave this decision up to you. Nevertheless, this is just one of many issues you must handle as a parent, in connection with your child and all the new technology out there. You are already tired enough of dealing with your child's demands for the newest iPhone, Gmail, his own Facebook or Twitter account, or even his own Google+ account. In fact, many children as young as 6 or 7 have set up their own social media accounts unbeknownst to their parents. Keeping up with their computer activities and electronic communication is quite a chore. In fact, some children also have web sites or blogs and their parents know nothing about them. There are many free web builder, blogging, and hosting solutions out there that kids can use without the knowledge of their parents. With all this said, assuming you have taken control of your child's technology use (or are striving to do so) and you believe he is ready for his own website, we believe Doodlekit is the best Kids Website Builder available.

A website builder for kids must be easy to use

One thing is true, and that is kids are computer savvy today. They know how to use technology from a point and click and process standpoint like no other generation before them, but the art of programming is being lost. Who knows how to build anything from scratch using HTML or C++ these days but the parents or even the grandparents? Remember DOS? Your kids have no idea what it is like to go into the directory of a C drive to run the right *.exe file to play their favorite games! That is a thing of the past. Which is why your child will do best with a user friendly GUI, like the one Doodlekit offers. Images, videos, text, color selections from the palate, as well as the bare bones of building your own templates are all point and click, guided by fill in the blanks, and easy to use editors. In fact, you can sign up for a Doodlekit website and try it out, for free. You will quickly surmise that we offer the best website maker for kids, that is simple to learn and easy to follow. And most importantly, not every parent is computer savvy, so Doodlekit is easy for a parent that knows nothing about computers to follow, understand, and even monitor. When you sign up and try out Doodlekit for free, you will see that it isn't just a good kids website builder, but a great thing for parents too! What we are saying is that our web building and hosting solution is both an adult and a kids website maker.

A kids website builder must be easy for the parent to monitor and control

If you are going to give the thumbs up to build a kids website, perhaps the most important consideration is making sure your child is protected from both receiving or posting inappropriate information. The good news is that the way Doodlekit is set up you don't have to worry about your child coming into contact with or distributing information that is inappropriate. This is because you can make sure that you are always listed as an administrator or co administrator with your child's website. By being an administrator, you will be able to see anything that is posted in the blogs or forums, or on any pages. You will have equal access to all the images, videos, text, and other information with your child. Additionally, and maybe most importantly, you will be able to edit, delete, or modify anything you want, just as you see fit. The only downside is that you will have to regularly log in to make sure your kids website builder is being used appropriately. And if you decide to turn your child's website off, that too is an option. In any event, parenting is a full time job! It isn't easy, but your child's safety and well being is worth it.

A kids website builder must connect with social media

If you are going to make or authorize the making of a kids website these days, it must easily and seamlessly connect to social media. Doodlekit does just this. With a few clicks of virtual buttons and a few cut and pastes, your child is instantly connected to her social media, be it Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or the like. Otherwise, you might as well forget it. Half of having a website for kids these days is the ability to link all their social media to one location. Your children's activities and conversations take place on Twitter and Facebook and Google+ so having a website that doesn't make these dialogs come together easily will be frustrating at best for your child. An additional advantage to having a kids website maker in you hands that easily links your child's social media is a benefit to you, the parent. Keeping up with all the web addresses your child has via her social media accounts can be daunting. How can you keep up with so much? Doodlekit makes your monitoring your child's social media easy. How? By signing your child up for a Doodlekit website, you are creating just one place you have to go to keep an eye on most of your child's conversations over the Internet. Here is how is works. First, you make a kids website. Second, you use all the easy to learn Doodlekit tools to integrate all of your child's social media accounts into her website. This will basically put Facebook, Google+, and Twitter buttons all in one place (on your child's home page). Hence, you will only have to remember, or bookmark one web domain in order to go and keep an eye on all of your child's social media accounts.

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